Predictive Payer Coverage is a Form of Intelligence 

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Before going to market with a new drug, medical device, or test, it’s crucial to know how payers will treat it. Understanding coverage restrictions, as well as knowing what's likely to happen in the first six months to two years before commercialization, allows organizations to design effective marketing strategies. 

Drew Gutschmidt, president, Policy Reporter, a TrialCard company and Scott Dulitz, chief strategy officer and head of corporate development, TrialCard, discuss the importance of their predictive payer offering.

  • The publication of a policy as the foundation of prescriber confidence.

  • Leveraging historical metrics from a predictive report to launch a new therapeutic.

  • Developing strategies to socialize the value proposition of a particular therapy with a particular payer.

  • Understanding restrictions likely to be in place and where a therapy sits in order to inform the types of patient support programs biopharma companies need to put in place to facilitate access.

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